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Linux Reef Controller – NSLU2 Sensor Server

The Linksys NSLU2 Network Storage Link device can easily be hacked with a modified firmware and used as a sensor server for your LRC. Here’s how! First you gotta find one! Since they are not manufactured anymore this can be tough or expensive! A good place to start looking would be here: Cisco-Linksys Storage Link […]

Linux Reef Controller – Example Script & Cron Entry

This page will run through a perl script that is used on the Web Server in order to process polled data from sensors attached to Sensor Servers on your sensor network. The script can be stored anywhere as long as it can be called by cron. It can also be reused for each sensor on […]

Linux Reef Controller – Web Server Setup

This guide will explain how to setup a web server to poll sensor servers that are installed on your network, and use that data to generate meaningful graphs and output to a webpage for central data collection and viewing of all of your sensor information.