IceStats – A WordPress Plugin For IceCast


After finding a shortage of good plug-ins to display the status of my IceCast stream, I decided to develop my own and learn a thing or two about WordPress plug-in development at the same time. You can see it in action on my homepage in the sidebar under the heading “Now Streaming”.

The IceStats plug-in checks the status of the IceCast server, and if it is online it will display the current artist, song title and a link to the stream.

After activation the plug-in will show up in your widget’s menu, and all of the plug-in’s settings can be managed in the menu located at Settings -> IceStats.

icestats settings


  • Server Name: (Set to the DNS name or IP address of your Icecast server)
  • Server Port: (Set to the port number that your Icecast server is running on, usually 8000)
  • Stream Mount: (Set to the name of the mount point with a .m3u extension, eg. stream.m3u)

You can find the stream mount point file name by clicking on the m3u button at on your Icecast status page. You can reach that by opening a web browser and typing:

When the page opens you should see 2 icons to the right of the page that look like this:

M3U Button

Click on the M3U button and note the URL it sends you too. This will more than likely be:

insert the mountname.m3u into the Stream Mount box.

Your plugin should now be configured correctly. Make sure you edit the metatag data for your song files so that they list the Artist name and Song Title, if you don’t tag them then the information will not be displayed! Tagging .ogg and .mp3 files can be done in many different ways depending on your Operating System and is beyond the scope of this plugin’s documentation.

You can download the IceStats plug-in directly from here. You can also grab it at the Plugin Directory.