Gentoo – TeamSpeak 2 Server


In this guide I will discuss how to set up a Teamspeak 2 Server on Gentoo Linux. Teamspeak is a very popular tool used by gamers and online collaborators to provide an online group oriented voice chat environment. First thing you need to do is log in as root, then type:

emerge -av teamspeak2-server-bin

Once that is done make sure to check the


file for the auto generated superuser name and password then type:

cd /opt/teamspeak2-server/

The server should now be running in the background, you can verify it by issuing the

ps x

command and look to see if it is listed in the process list.

To stop the server just type

kill xxxxx

where xxxxx is the process number corresponding to server_linux in the list provided by the ps x command.

The teamspeak server comes with a web based interface that you can use to configure the server and add users. To get to the web interface open a browser on any pc that is connected to the same LAN as the server and type


If you want to allow external access to your teamspeak server make sure you forward TCP port 8767 to your server’s ip on your router.

Note: You can install the Teamspeak2 client on a Gentoo Linux workstation that has X installed by using

emerge -av teamspeak2-client-bin

then as a regular user just type


in the terminal to launch the program. (The capitalization in the command TeamSpeak is important)