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Asterisk SIP Trunk Settings – Vestalink

Vestalink is a new SIP trunk provider that has sprung up as a replacement for Google Voice trunking within Asterisk servers. They offer a very attractive pricing plan with 2000 mins/month going for $39.99 per year, and unlimited plans at $49.99 per year! This provides a single DID along with two SIP channels for the possibility of holding two simutanious calls from one account (call waiting). The folks over to Nerd Vittles have written up a great guide to getting the service working with FreePBX, however I was hard pressed to find any documentation on how to get this working under a standard Asterisk server using only the CLI. Applying the Nerd Vittles FreePBX configuration to Asterisk CLI did not work out of the box. After some messing around I was able to sucessfully register my Asterisk server to my Vestalink account, and I have provided generic configurations that should help anyone looking to integrate a Vestalink SIP trunk with a vanilla Asterisk installation.

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Endian Firewall – Getting SIP Phones To Work

There are a few things that need to be done on a new Endian Firewall (Community or UTM Appliance) installation in order to get it to play nice with SIP based voice over IP phones. If your phones are registering to an internal VoIP server you should not have any issues, however if your server or SIP provider are external to your network then some settings will need to be modified.

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AsteriskNow – IPTables Firewall Configuration

In a previous guide I discussed how to setup an AsteriskNow server with Polycom phone support. In this guide I will illustrate how to tighten up your server’s security by using the IPTables firewall already installed in the distribution.

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AsteriskNow – Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 & 550 Provisioning In FreePBX

AsteriskNow is a free and powerful turnkey open source PBX system that can be combined with high quality Polycom phones to create an enterprise level VoiP solution. In this guide I will outline the steps needed in order to install AsteriskNow and setup automatic configuration and firmware provisioning for your Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 and 550 SIP phones.

Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 Polycom SoundPoint IP 550

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AsteriskNow – How To Change The Default FreePBX Password

AsteriskNow is a full blow free turnkey PBX Linux distribution based on CentoOS that can be used in many different types of telephony applications. It is very easy to install and initially setup however changing the default freepbx password can be a bit challenging since there is no link or menu anywhere in the interface to do so!

The default username and password for the FreePBX database and Web frontend are freepbx/fpbx. Having no clear way of changing this leaves a very large security hole open on your newly created PBX system! Here is how you can do it manually via the command line.

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