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Utica College NEXUS Talk – The Interplanetary Internet: Communications in the New Space Age

New Custom vCORE VirtualBox Appliance With EMANE, Quagga OSPF-MANET, & NASA ION-DTN

I have put together a fully updated vCORE VirtualBox appliance based on Debian 9.6 that includes the latest versions of CORE, EMANE, Quagga OSPF-MANET, and NASA’s ION.

This version of the virtual appliance includes the following releases:

CORE 5.2 (git)
EMANE 1.2.3 (git)
NRL Quagga mr_0.99.21mr2.2 (source)
NASA ION-DTN 3.6.2 (sourceforge)

All dependencies were installed via apt-get including all packages required to build the above listed software from source. All source code for the above listed packages is located in /usr/src/ for end user customization and updates. The virtual machine was designed to be used for development purposes, and can be fully customized by the end user.

username: core
password: eroc

The ‘core’ user has sudo privileges, and core-daemon is set to run on startup. You may want to edit the VirtualBox network settings (ie. bridge, NAT, host-only) for the VM to suit your environment.

Download the new vCORE VirtualBox appliance here.
md5 hash: e5a80ee4dd5893ec3bfa63afa54b11b2 vCORE.ova

ANYCon 2017 Talk – VLAN Hopping, ARP Poisoning and Man-In-The-Middle Attacks in Virtualized Environments

ANYCon 2017 Talk – The Stuffer

ANYCon Invited Talk

I have been invited to give a talk on my research at the upcoming ANYcon InfoSec and Hacking conference which will be held in Albany, NY from June 16th – 18th. This is a new conference bursting into the InfoSec scene, and is shaping up to be similar in size and spirit to other family oriented mainstream InfoSec conferences like DerbyCon and BSides. The talk abstracts are starting to pop up on the Agenda page, and my talk is listed in the Offensive Track.

While your hanging in Albany that weekend you may also want to stay a few extra days and check out the Dead & Company concert that will be at SPAC on June 20th!

HackCon#12 Invited Talk Trailer

The kind folks that organize the HackCon#12 conference made a “trailer” for my upcoming talk in Oslo, Norway.

Upcoming Invited Talk: HackCon#12 – Oslo, Norway

I have recently been invited to give a presentation on my research in Layer 2 Network Security in Virtualized Environments at the upcoming HackCon#12 Norwegian Cyber Security Convention which will be held in Oslo, Norway from February 13th-16th. More information about the talk can be found here.

New Publication: International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems

I recently have had a new article published in the International Journal of Communication Networks and Distributed Systems. The article was submitted to the journal about a year and a half ago, and was released in a Special Issue on Software Defined Networks and Infrastructures, Network Function Virtualisation, Autonomous Systems and Network Management. You can find a copy of the final draft of the article on my publications page.

DEF CON 24 Presentation: VLAN Hopping, ARP Poisoning, & Man-in-the-Middle Attacks in Virtualized Environments

DEF CON 24 Talk Resources – VLAN Hopping, ARP Poisoning and Man-in-the-Middle Attacks in Virtualized Environments

We are aware that our presentation slides and white paper somehow went missing from the DEF CON 24 CD. They have been submitted for inclusion on the Media Server, but until then you can find the talk information, white paper, and slides at the following links:

Talk Abstract & Speaker Bios

White Paper

Presentation Slides

Also note that all of the demo videos are below. Scroll down for detailed explanations of each test scenario, and links to all of the fully narrated YouTube videos.

Enjoy, and if you have any questions, or are looking for someone to assist in evaluating your environment against these attacks feel free to use the contact form to reach me.


The materials are now available on the DEFCON media server:

White Paper

Presentation Slides