New Custom vCORE VirtualBox Appliance With EMANE, Quagga OSPF-MANET, & NASA ION-DTN

I have put together a fully updated vCORE VirtualBox appliance based on Debian 9.6 that includes the latest versions of CORE, EMANE, Quagga OSPF-MANET, and NASA’s ION.

This version of the virtual appliance includes the following releases:

CORE 5.2 (git)
EMANE 1.2.3 (git)
NRL Quagga mr_0.99.21mr2.2 (source)
NASA ION-DTN 3.6.2 (sourceforge)

All dependencies were installed via apt-get including all packages required to build the above listed software from source. All source code for the above listed packages is located in /usr/src/ for end user customization and updates. The virtual machine was designed to be used for development purposes, and can be fully customized by the end user.

username: core
password: eroc

The ‘core’ user has sudo privileges, and core-daemon is set to run on startup. You may want to edit the VirtualBox network settings (ie. bridge, NAT, host-only) for the VM to suit your environment.

Download the new vCORE VirtualBox appliance here.
md5 hash: e5a80ee4dd5893ec3bfa63afa54b11b2 vCORE.ova