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Gentoo – Getting Sound With Alsa

In order to get sound working in Gentoo you need to set up ALSA. If you have not set up your kernel with ALSA support you will need to do so, see here for more information. Recompile your kernel with ALSA support and your sound card built in. Then do the following:

Gentoo – TeamSpeak 2 Server

In this guide I will discuss how to set up a Teamspeak 2 Server on Gentoo Linux. Teamspeak is a very popular tool used by gamers and online collaborators to provide an online group oriented voice chat environment. First thing you need to do is log in as root, then type:

Gentoo – Protecting Web Directories With .htaccess

In this guide I will show you how to protect your localhost web root with .htaccess and .htpasswd files. By doing this a username and password will be required to enter the site. Let’s get started! As root do the following:

Gentoo – SSMTP (Sending Mail)

Now that I finished showing you how to set up your LAMP server you are probably going to want to set up sendmail/ssmtp so that some of your new fancy websites can take advantage of it for their email services. Lets get started! We are going to be using ssmtp which will replace sendmail as […]

Gentoo – PHP

In a previous guide I discussed how to set up an Apache web server on your Gentoo box. In this part I will show you how to set up PHP so it works with Apache and MySQL which will allow you to host dynamic content rich websites on your web server. Plus by having MySQL, […]

Gentoo – Apache Web Server

In a previous guide I discussed how to set up MySQL on your Gentoo Linux box. One great use for MySQL is to combine it with an Apache web server and PHP to create content rich, dynamic websites. In this guide I will discuss how to set up an Apache web server with vhosts support. […]

Gentoo – MYSQL Database Server

In this guide I will discuss how to setup a basic MySQL database server on Gentoo. To install MySQL on your Gentoo system log in as root and type This will take some time to compile so you may wanna go grab a snack and watch some TV or something. 15 to 30 mins later […]

Gentoo – Handy Tools

In a previous article I covered the basics of installing the base Gentoo system. This guide runs through the installation and setup of some basic utilities. Let’s pull down some handy tools to make working on our new Gentoo Linux box a bit easier. First things first we need to enable SSH. By default it […]

Gentoo – Installation

Gentoo Linux is my OS of choice. It is highly customizable, has no extra bloat, and can be tailored and fine tuned to the system it is running on. If you really want to learn how to use Linux as well as what makes it tick then install Gentoo from scratch! You will be amazed […]