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Gentoo – Zoneminder


The Zoneminder ebuild in the portage tree has been broken for a couple of years now. Here is the process I use to build Zoneminder from source on a Gentoo x86 install:

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AsteriskNow – IPTables Firewall Configuration


In a previous guide I discussed how to setup an AsteriskNow server with Polycom phone support. In this guide I will illustrate how to tighten up your server’s security by using the IPTables firewall already installed in the distribution.

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Linux – ISO Images


ISO images are very easy to manipulate at the command line in Linux. To make an ISO image from a CD or DVD simply insert the disc into the drive and type:

dd if=/dev/cdrom of=filename.iso

This uses the dd command with the input set to /dev/cdrom and the output set to filename.iso. Change these values as necessary. Note that some Linux distros mount the cdrom drive to /media/cdrom.

To mount an ISO image and read it just as it was a CDROM loaded in the tray do the following:

mkdir /mnt/iso
mount -o loop -t iso9660 filename.iso /mnt/iso

The contents of the ISO can now be accessed in /mnt/iso.

AsteriskNow – Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 & 550 Provisioning In FreePBX


AsteriskNow is a free and powerful turnkey open source PBX system that can be combined with high quality Polycom phones to create an enterprise level VoiP solution. In this guide I will outline the steps needed in order to install AsteriskNow and setup automatic configuration and firmware provisioning for your Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 and 550 SIP phones.

Polycom SoundPoint IP 335 Polycom SoundPoint IP 550

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Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) – Cloning Hard Drive Woes


The main hard drive seems to be flaky in one of my XCP servers. I decided to use Clonezilla to clone sda to another drive to see if it is in fact the hard drive. After cloning over the drive I found that my LVM storage group VG_XenStorage-xxx was not mounting, and XenCenter was giving off the following error when trying to connect to the server: “This server cannot see any storage”

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Gentoo – Framebuffer Splash Image


If you are tired of staring at a black console screen on your Gentoo box you can trick it out a bit using Gensplash. Gensplash or “fbcondecor” allows you to use different background images, fonts and colors to decorate your console so you don’t have the standard black background and white text. It also allows you to have nice boot and shutdown screens. (Think of the boot process and console on the install CD).

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Gentoo – Deny Hosts


If you find your ssh server is getting hit by a lot of brute force attempts from the internet, and want to do something to defend yourself against them then denyhosts is for you! It helps to alleviate some of the stress on your server that occurs when someone or lots of someones are trying to hack their way into your ssh server. Basically the service watches your ssh traffic, and if it sees an IP address hitting a threshold of failed attempts it adds the address to your /etc/hosts.deny file so that it is blocked from future access attempts.

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Bash – File Backup Script


This script uses rdiff-backup to backup files on a Linux host using rysnc. The script then sends an email that notifies of it’s completion. Make sure to install the rdiff-backup package on your distro before running it.

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Bash – Dynamic Public IP Address Monitor Script


This is a script I wrote to monitor my public IP address to see if it changes or not. It comes in very handy if you run a server on a dynamic IP address. It is setup to run in a daily cron job every morning. The script sends an email that lets me know if the IP address has changed or not, and also reports the current public IP address. Note that this script requires that curl is installed.

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Bash – MySQL Backup Script


Looking for a script to backup your MySQL databases on a Linux host? Here is a simple bash script that can be used to automate the process in a cron job. The script checks the database integrity then dumps the database to a text file, tar’s it up, and the emails a confirmation of completion.

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