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Asterisk SIP Trunk Settings – Vestalink

Vestalink is a new SIP trunk provider that has sprung up as a replacement for Google Voice trunking within Asterisk servers. They offer a very attractive pricing plan with 2000 mins/month going for $39.99 per year, and unlimited plans at $49.99 per year! This provides a single DID along with two SIP channels for the possibility of holding two simutanious calls from one account (call waiting). The folks over to Nerd Vittles have written up a great guide to getting the service working with FreePBX, however I was hard pressed to find any documentation on how to get this working under a standard Asterisk server using only the CLI. Applying the Nerd Vittles FreePBX configuration to Asterisk CLI did not work out of the box. After some messing around I was able to sucessfully register my Asterisk server to my Vestalink account, and I have provided generic configurations that should help anyone looking to integrate a Vestalink SIP trunk with a vanilla Asterisk installation.

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