TEL550 – Advanced Network Standards & Protocols



The class syllabus can be found here


If you previously took IS310 and still have the text book you may continue to use it for this class.

If you do not have the IS310 book you should purchase this book instead.

Optional Reference: Network+ Guide to Networks, 6th Edition

Class Schedule – (tentative)

Monday & Wednesday 12:00pm – 1:50pm, Kunsela Hall A112

Video recordings of class lectures will be posted for students enrolled in the online section of this class.

Weds 1/22: Introduction
Mon 1/27: Computer Networks & The Internet
Weds 1/29: Computer Networks & The Internet
Wireshark Getting Started Lab Writeup Due
Mon 2/3: Application Layer
Weds 2/5: Application Layer
Wireshark HTTP & DNS Lab Writeups Due
Mon 2/10: Transport Layer
Weds 2/12: Review
Wireshark TCP & UDP Lab Writeups Due
Mon 2/17: Network Layer
Weds 2/19: Network Layer
Wireshark IP & ICMP Lab Wrietups Due
Mon 2/24: The Link Layer
Weds 2/26: The Link Layer
Wireshark Ethernet and ARP & DHCP Lab Writeups Due
Mon 3/3: Midterm Review
Weds 3/5: Midterm
Mon 3/10: No Class: Spring Break
Weds 3/12: No Class: Spring Break
Mon 3/17: Wireless & Mobile Networks
Weds 3/19: Wireless & Mobile Networks

Wireshark IEEE 802.11 (WIFI) Lab Writeup Due
Mon 3/24: Multimedia Networking
Weds 3/26: Multimedia Networking
Wireshark NAT Lab Writeup Due
Mon 3/31: Network Security
Weds 4/2: Network Security
Wireshark SSL Lab Writeup Due
Mon 4/7: Ensuring Integrity & Availability
Weds 4/9: Ensuring Integrity & Availability
Mon 4/14: Network Management
Weds 4/16: Network Troubleshooting
Network Diagrams Due (Visio or Dia)
Mon 4/21: Subnetting
Weds 4/23: Subnetting Review
Mon 4/28: Special Topic – Software Defined Networking SDN
Weds 4/30: Final ReviewPDF
Mon 5/5: Final Exam: 12:45p – 2:45p

Activating a Computer Science Account

All students are encouraged to setup a Computer Science account in order to utilize department resources relevant to this class. If you do not already have a CS account, visit a CS lab (Kunsela c012, c014, c109, b118) and follow the on screen instructions. If you have any questions, stop by Kunsela c107 and ask for assistance or contact the instructor.

If you need help accessing computer science department resources from home, check out this guide.

Unix Commands

A list of common UNIX commands are summarized here. The first page contains most of the commands we will use for the class.


All homework assignments will be posted and graded on Angel.


There will be a Midterm and Final exam for this class. Remote students will need to either come to campus to take the exams or arrange to take the exams under the supervision of an approved proctor.