IS310 – Hardware & Network Infrastructure


The class syllabus can be found here


Computer Science: An Overview, 12th Edition

Network+ Guide to Networks, 6th Edition(Will be re-used in NCS315)

Class Schedule – (tentative)

MWF 9:20am – 10:30am

Video recordings of class lectures will be posted for students enrolled in the online section of this class.

Week Monday Wednesday Friday
1: Introduction To Computer Science Algorithms Algorithms Activity
2: NO CLASS – Labor Day Data Storage Group Exercises – Problems
3: Data Storage Data Storage Data Storage
4: Data Manipulation Data Manipulation Group Exercises – Problems
5: Computer Security Discussion DerbyCon 2014 DerbyCon 2014
6: Operating Systems Operating Systems Group Activity – Dining Philosophers
7: Theory of Computation Group Exercises – Problems Midterm Review
8: NO CLASS – Mid Semester Break Midterm Review Midterm Exam
9: Introduction to Networking Introduction to Networking (cont.) Introduction to Networking (cont.)
10: Network Standards & The OSI Model Network Standards & The OSI Model Network Standards & The OSI Model
11: Signaling & Network Media Signaling & Network Media Group Activity – Wiring
12: TCP/IP Protocols TCP/IP Protocols Introduction to Wireshark/TCPDump
13: Subnetting Subnetting Group Exercises – Worksheet
14: More Subnetting Practice NO CLASS – Thanksgiving NO CLASS – Thanksgiving
15: Making sure you still remember Subnetting! Switching & Routing Final Review
16: Final Exam Week

Activating a Computer Science Account

All students are encouraged to setup a Computer Science account in order to utilize department resources relevant to this class. If you do not already have a CS account, visit a CS lab (Kunsela c012, c014, c109, b118) and follow the on screen instructions. If you have any questions, stop by Kunsela c107 and ask for assistance or contact the instructor.

If you need help accessing computer science department resources from home, check out this guide.

Unix Commands

A list of common UNIX commands are summarized here. The first page contains most of the commands we will use for the class.


All homework assignments will be posted and graded on Angel.


There will be a Midterm and Final exam for this class. Remote students will need to either come to campus to take the exams or arrange to take the exams under the supervision of an approved proctor.

Plagiarism & Cheating

Plagiarism and cheating are not tolerated in any of my courses. If you are caught performing any form of academic misconduct in this class appropriate action will be taken and you will be removed from the course as well as receive an ‘F’ grade on your transcript.