Gentoo – IRC Server


Want to host your own IRC server on your gentoo box? Well here is how:

emerge -av ngircd
cd /etc/ngircd/

Make a backup copy of the original config file:

cp ngircd.conf ngircd.conf.bak

Now we need to edit the config file so type

nano -w ngircd.conf

Under the [Global] section uncomment and edit the following lines:

Name =
Info = IRC Server Info
Password = Password
AdminInfo1 = Your name
AdminInfo2 = Your Location
AdminEmail = Your Email
Ports = 6667, 6668
Listen = 
MaxConnections = 1024 
MotdPhrase = Your MOTD here 
ServerUID = your user here
ServerGUID = wheel

Then uncomment the following and leave them at their default settings.


Next under the [Operator] section you can add your server op info:

Name = SomeName
Password = SomePass

Now lets add a channel under the [Channel] section:

Name = ChannelName
Topic = ChannelTopic

Save the file and exit. You can now test your install by typing

ngircd --configtest

which should give you no errors and display your config. If there are errors correct them and try the config test again. Now make sure your forward ports 6667 and 6668 to your server on your router then start your server and add it to the default runlevel by doing the following:

/etc/init.d/ngircd start
rc-update add ngircd default

You should now be able to connect to your new IRC server with an IRC client such as XChat or Pidjin!

3 Responses to “Gentoo – IRC Server”

  1. Haquem

    This is so helpful

  2. Haquem

    There was one thing you didn’t mention, where it says listen, put LISTEN= or it will try to listen on an interface that isn’t real

  3. Ronny

    When I wrote the guide that was not necessary, seems it is now. You can either use to listen on any interface available on the server, or you can specify the IP address of the network card you wish to listen on to force it to listen only on that specific device.