Xen Cloud Platform (XCP) – Linux Templates Will Not Boot To CD/DVD

It seems that the Linux templates in XCP 1.0 & 1.1 are all bugged and will not boot to a CD/DVD drive upon first boot of the virtual machine. This makes it very difficult to start up your installation media. In order to work around this you can either use the “Other Installation Media” template and fill in the blanks, or you can do a little command line magic once you create your virtual machine from one of the Linux templates. The problem is that the boot order does not get set from the template upon VM creation, so once you have the VM created do the following:

List all of the Virtual Machines currently on the server:

You should see a list that contains all of your virtual machines in this format:

Next check the current boot order setting by issuing the following command:

You will see something like this:

Notice there is no boot order setting listed, add one by issuing the following command:

Now check the boot order setting again:

And we see that it is now set to “dc” a.k.a. CDROM/DISK

That’s it! You should now be able to start the virtual machine and have it boot to it’s installation media.